Friday, 24 October 2008

Cochin, Thekaddy

Kerala, the state in South west of India. It is one of most popular vacation destination for the locals and we see why. It is also very modern and economically developed state and we felt like we are in different country.
Drastic change from the Northern India desert and dry scenery's. Suddenly we find ourselves surrounded by green, green and green. Palm trees, tea plantations, banana trees, coconuts, pineapples (yes, they grow in a bush :-), everywhere. Also wild animals such as elephants, monkeys, some tigers (even though we didn't see any) surround this place. We stayed a bit in Cochin and then two days on tea plantation even though we didn't get enough time to really enjoy it. One place we can see ourselves coming back for just relaxed spacing out time. Some annoyances... Sanja fricked out after having leeches crawling all over us during a nature walk in the forest. Still at the end agreed the fear was worth it :-)


Anonymous said...

Sanjic, ne znam zosto ama ne mi se isprakjaat SMS porakite do tebe.... Ja dobiv tvojata :-))
Bac, uzivajte i slikajte se povekje...:-) I nemoj da jadete mnogu luto....:-)


Anonymous said...

BTW moze i so nekoe majmunce da se vratite nazad :-)))