Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Jaipur, Aimer, Pushkin

As we continue our trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan continues to play with our senses. It is a mix of odds and it shocks and amazes us. We find ourselves one moment in the inner circle of undreamed off wealth, displayed in castles, jewels, décor with perfection to the smallest details, while next moment we are back in the outer circle with the harsh reality of India. This truly is country of contradictions. We’ve learned to absorb and appreciate, but not to break down to the sights of poverty.
We passed through Jaipur, Aimer, Pushkin. Jaipur surprised us with its size. It is called the pink city, as all of the buildings within the walls of the old town are pink. The city grew from 300,000 citizens to 4 million over period of 50 years and the impact is obvious. The visit to the Amber fort was impressive. It was the old capital of the area, before the Maharajas moved to the new and castle in the city of Jaipur, where they still live today. The mark of the city, the Hawa Mahal, is really beautiful architecture, however easy to pass unnoticed as it is mixed among the busy bazaars.
The passage through Aimer and Pushkin was interesting contrast. The two towns being only 15km away from each other, and Aimer being famous Muslim pilgrimage – biggest one in India, while Pushkin being the one for the Hindus.
We also got a bit taste of Bolywood; went to one of the fanciest cinema we've seen and had very funny experience. We saw the most naive and heroic epic – superhero who could beat all the evils of the world with more special effects than actual story … including scenes & characters in Prague, India, cheerleaders, nuns, superwoman, magicians… whatever else you can imagine that makes no sense was in the film. We are looking forward to Part II :-)


Ania said...

Sanja, you have to get a title of this movie! It maybe a hit in US ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanja and Pierre,
I enjoy reading about your trip. And I just love the pictures! You guys are good. Keep posting, please :)

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