Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Long travel to Khajuraho, in the state of Madhya Pradesh towards the central part of India, but worth the trip to this far away place. Khajuraho is known for its large complex of temples, decorated with statues displaying Kama Sutra scenes. We went there with curiosity and left the place with appretiation about the complexity of the Hinduism and its evolution into Jainism during medieval India. One of the form of following the Hinduism that developed here was via Tantrism - religious rituals involving sexual performances. The believers for sure left lots of trails of these rituals :-)

Did we menion that Khajuraho is another one of the so many UNESCO sites here? Seems like India has stolen half of the world Unesco sites. And we are wondering why even more of them are not?

Khajuraho surprised us with the change in scenery. We were deep asleep in the car on our two hours drive from the train station in Satna, and once we oppened our eyes, we found ourselves in very green forest. Khajuraho was a very nice escape of the never stoping sounds of Rajastan and it gave us nice break in preparation for our next stop in Benares.


maru-chan said...

sanjichka imate prekrasni fotografii, ja mislam ushte edna kniga da si napravite kako onaa od svadbata ama so ovie sliki ;))))
ve gushkam mnogu, ve mislam ushte povekje, ve sakam najmnogu ;;)

FrancoMacedonian said...

Mislam deka ke pravime... ama svativme deka na poveketo sliki zaboravame nie da se slikame :-) Te guskame, skokotkame i sakame i nie :-) Preveduvaj na mamam i tato